Truth in Troubled Times // May 7, 2020

We are now in week four of the Truth in Troubled Times series, bringing you biblical truth to renew your mind and Spirit-given wisdom to bless you in the midst of these very unusual times. This week Pastor Robbie talks with medical doctor, author, and speaker Lina Abujamra. Dr Lina is a friend of our church and has spoken to our women’s ministry a number of times, in this video she catches us up on what she’s doing now and how the Lord is using her ministry during COVID.

She shares some incredible wisdom—somehow we’ve lost track that God is not worried or surprised about COVID, He has positioned Christians to make a difference like never before. We need to recognize that He is over COVID, and that happens as we listen to His voice over the voices in the world. We need to recognize that God is our hope and strength – this truth destroys a lot of fear in the light of who God is.

Dr Lina has been sharing medical info and spiritual nourishment through her platforms, speaking using her God-given authority on medicine and God’s wisdom. What a gift! If you want to share her resources and videos you can find them at