Truth in Troubled Times // May 14, 2020

This week on Truth in Troubled Times, Pastor Robbie talks with author and friend of our church, Tim Challies. We catch up on Tim’s family, his ministry, what the Lord is teaching him during this time, his thoughts on the church’s role in the pandemic, and his latest exciting project on Christian history.

In this video, too, is a really excellent word from Tim on waiting on the Lord and learning about his sovereignty. As Christians we have to know that God’s hand is in this situation, and somehow He will work out all these things for good.

If you want to hear more from Tim Challies you can catch him on his blog,, or

What is the Lord asking us to do in this moment, and why am I not already doing it? Tim shares with us what treasures lie in God’s Word about how to manage difficult situations.

As Christians we are saved into community – we are not built to do things alone! God is up to something good but He’s doing it in a difficult way. The Church is a gift of grace from Him. It’s ok to miss things like worship, corporate prayer, and our community.

Tim also shares with us about his recent article and being grateful for our government. The Bible tells us that government was instituted by God, and we are to submit to their authority. What does it look like to joyfully follow their lead?