Parent Commissioning

Parent Commissioning offers parents of Hope Bible Church the opportunity to publicly profess their desire to point their child to Jesus through the way that they parent and to be commissioned by their church family to support them on this journey.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Parent Commissioning is currently on hold.  We are working on a plan to get it restarted.  We hope to send you the details soon.

FIRST: Parent Commissioning Application

Parents of Hope Bible Church who desire to be part of Parent Commissioning weekend may fill out this application.

SECOND: Parent Commissioning Classes

We believe that each child born is a gift from God and is made in His image. However, we also believe that our children need to be rescued by a loving Saviour. As parents, we believe that God has entrusted each child to its parents with the expectation that they will reach them with the Gospel of Jesus and point them towards Jesus. But parenting children is hard work!

In our two-part Parent Commissioning class we will study the Bible and answer the questions, “What is Biblical Parenting?” And “How do I Parent Biblically?”

*Classes are offered during services throughout the ministry year.

THIRD: Parent Commissioning Weekend

Parent Commissioning Weekend celebrates parents who publicly profess that they desire to point their child to Christ as the raise them. Parent Commissioning Weekend is also a call for the church family around these parents to support them and prayer for them as they raise their children.

*Upon the completion of Numbers 1 and 2, parents will be notified of upcoming Parent Commissioning dates.