Family Chat with the Elders

Here’s a Family Chat from Pastor Robbie and Pastor Greg with a brief financial update on church operations and a reminder of what we are called to.

A few key financial points from the chat:

  • We hold to two general operating principles when reviewing the budget: Prudence and Opportunity
    • Prudence – how to responsibly reduce expenses
    • Opportunity – how to invest in highly valued opportunities
  • Expenses for the next five months have been reduced by 20%
    • We are emphasizing operational reductions while keeping missional commitments
  • We are currently in an eight month stub year to align our fiscal year with our ministry year
  • We have been blessed to support Pastor Henry at Membley Community Chapel
A thank you from Pastor Henry.
  • In the first five weeks of online church, offering is down by 20% overall, and the average number of weekly contributions is down by 50%. This means we have fewer people who are giving more
  • We have a cash reserve for a few months 
  • Mortgage has been reduced 45% since the beginning of the Seek First campaign

We are thankful for the resources we have as a church that have allowed us to continue ministry online. Please subscribe to our newsletters and social media to keep up to date as new initiatives and plans are coming out regularly.

You are loved.