Costa Rica Day 4

“The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few;” Matthew 9:37

Today as our group had a break in between distributing shoes and Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes we found ourselves with a free hour in a city centre park. The park was full of people walking, talking, and enjoying the day. Our local leader Adelita challenged us to break into groups and share the gospel. Quickly my mind ran through a list of reasons why I wouldn’t be able to share the gospel, I’m in a foreign country…I don’t speak the language. But most of all it was, I am afraid. I wanted to share, I wanted to step out in faith, but just like Peter my eyes were on me instead of Jesus. My quick mental review of my limitations was put to end when Adelita said “come with me, I will translate.” Oh boy. I’m in the water now, it’s you and me Jesus, I thought.

Adelita scanned the area and saw a young woman sitting alone on a bench. She looked unkempt, under dressed, and very lost. Adelita and I came alongside her on either side and sat down with her. We introduced ourselves, and I started to talk about the love of Christ with Adelita translating my words into Spanish. There were times when I spoke and there were times Adelita spoke. She told us she didn’t believe in God so we shared with her the Good News of Jesus Christ. She listened to us and allowed us to pray with her. Was she transformed instantly before our eyes? No. Was her life changed? Maybe, maybe not. But I do know because of God working in us, she heard the most important message of her life today. A life line was given to her in a chaotic, crazy world. A seed was planted, not because myself or Adelita are great evangelist, but because we chose to take a step out of the boat in faith.

As I reflect on today, I hope each day I will take a step of faith like Peter did in Matthew 14. Yes, the first step is frightening, but we are not alone. Jesus will take us the rest of the way.

– Nicola Bartley

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