Truth in Troubled Times // April 30, 2020

Truth in Troubled Times Episode Three features our friend and partner in the gospel, Vance Pitman from Hope Church in Las Vegas. Today we’re talking about encouraging the body of Christ in truth and wisdom, we hear Pastor Vance’s message for the Church right now, and get a look inside his first book, Unburdened.

Pastor Vance shares this incredible encouragement with us: our circumstances do not shape the way we view our God—our God shapes the way we view our circumstances. It’s easy to say this when things are well, but right now the world is watching believers and our God is in control. Amos 4:13 echoes this incredible truth, our God forms mountains and shapes the wind. WOW!

This is an incredible window of opportunity for the gospel, people are open to talking about spirituality more than ever before. What a time to be able to share with them who is really in control!

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Right now people need each other and are doing life together more deeply than we have before. How different will ‘community’ in the church look when this is all over and we’re able to meet again?

Pastor Vance tells us how he views Christian leadership changing in the future. What does a ‘hard reset’ look like in the Church? It’s forced us to evaluate essential, important ministry.