Ask God

Step 1: Sing the Songs Together

Step 2: Memorize the Word Together

Step 3: Watch the Teaching Together

Source: Open Life Church

Step 4: Discuss the Teaching Together

  1. When you have a question or a problem, who do you usually go to first for help? 
  2. Who should we go to first when we have a choice to make or a problem to solve? Why?
  3. In 1 Kings 3:1-15, God told Solomon he could ask for anything from God. What did Solomon ask God for? Why did Solomon ask for that?
  4. What are some ways God has given us to seek Him for wisdom? Use the verses below to help guide your answers…
    1. Psalm 119:105
    2. James 1:5
    3. Proverbs 24:6
  5. Is there a choice or problem in your life that you need to ask God for help with? What does the Bible say about that decision you are making? Ask your parents for help looking up the passage, and spend time pray with them for the decision.
  6. You can trust that God will help you with the big things and the small things in your life. God cares about you and all of the things in your life. It is always helpful to ask God for wisdom. He promises to give us wisdom. Be wise, ask God for wisdom. If you have never asked God for wisdom in your life, all you need to do is;
    1. A_________  that you have done wrong and ask God to forgive you for disobeying Him.
    2. B_______ that God sent Jesus to take the punishment for your sin. Trust that you are forgiven because Jesus made you right with God
    3. C________ to spend your whole life depending on God’s power to help you say no to sin. Rely on God to help you tell others that God is your leader and the most important person in your life.

Step 5: Pray the Truth Together

Step 6: Keep Growing Together

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