Hope Kids Virtual HK – January 15

Virtual Hope Kids - January 15, 2022

Did God Create Evil?

Step 1: Sing the Songs

Step 2: Memorize the Word Together

Step 3: Watch the Teaching Together

Step 4: Discuss the Teaching Together

Read and Explain God’s Word

  1. Read Genesis 3:1-7, then discuss these questions;
    1. What is the title of this passage in the Bible?
    2. Who are the main characters in this passage?
    3. How does the passage describe the serpent? What does it mean? (v.1)
    4. Did the serpent question what God said? (v.1)
    5. What did God actually say to Adam about eating the fruits? (Genesis 2:16,17).
    6. Did Eve trust God or the Serpent when she ate the fruit? (vv.4-6)
    7. What happened when Eve and Adam disobeyed God? (v. 7)
    8. What does it mean that their “eyes were opened”? (v.7)

Show God’s Word

  1. Have you ever really wanted something, even though you were told you couldn’t have it? (like candy, or a toy?). What was it? Were you tempted to try to get it, even though you were not supposed to?
  1. God told Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because they will “surely die” (Genesis 2:17). What was God trying to protect Adam and Eve from?
  1. Even though Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and caused evil to enter the world, did God leave them without hope that things could get better again? (Hint: Romans 8:18-25)

Apply God’s Word

  1. What is something hard that you are dealing with right now? (like online school, not seeing your friends, a sick relative, temptation to sin in a certain way?). What do you need to remember about the hope we have in Jesus to help you in this hard time?
  1. Take some time now to pray about the hard thing you are dealing with. Praise God that He is more powerful than any evil in the world (Romans 8:37-39). Take some time to confess and repent (turn from) any sinful areas you are engaging in. Also, confess to God for any areas you are not fully believing in His power over the situation and submit them to Him. Here’s an outline to help you…

“Lord, I confess and repent of my sin of__________

Lord, I confess that I am doubting your power and strength over_______________. Thank you for the forgiveness, hope, joy and strength that you offer me in Jesus when I turn to Him.”

  1. One of the greatest ways we can learn about the hope we have in Jesus  is to read His Word. The more we know God’s Word, the better we can live out God’s Word! Use the Grow Up In Christ planner and schedule the time you need to spend time with Jesus. Remember- as you get close to Him, He will get close to you and give you the strength you need to live faithfully! Share your plan with your family, friends, and the Hope Kids team (hkids@hopeottawa.ca)
  1. Take time this week to memorize 2 Peter 3:13  to remember that we have hope, nothing on this earth lasts forever- we have goodness waiting for us when we trust in Jesus! “And God blessed them. And God said to them, “But according to his promise we are waiting for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.
  1. In order to have hope in this world, we have to know and believe in His Son Jesus– who is our hope! To become a believer in Jesus, we have to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the only Saviour. God sent His only Son, Jesus, to come to earth and die for our sins, so we can be saved and have a personal relationship with Him. To accept this gift from God, we must believe that Jesus died for us so that we can be God’s child too. We first must repent of our sin (turn away from it) and believe in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. When we do this, we put our faith in Him as our Lord and Saviour. If you want to begin a personal relationship with Him, and put your faith in Him alone, all you need to do is;

A_________ (Admit) that you have done wrong and ask God to forgive you for disobeying Him.

B_______ (Believe) that God sent Jesus to take the punishment for your sin. Trust that you are forgiven because Jesus made you right with God

C________ (Choose) to spend your whole life depending on God’s power to help you say no to sin. Rely on God to help you tell others that God is your leader and the most important person in your life.

Step 5: Pray the Truth Together



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