Greg McFarlane


I grew up in a Christian home, said “the prayer” at 8yrs old, attended church weekly and I went on a few missions trips as a young teenager. However, by the middle of high school I was in full on rebellion living only for myself with few thoughts or concern of God.

By my early twenties it appears that I was “getting on track” because I had a desire to be successful and poured myself into my work. I married my amazing wife Debbie in 2000. By the time we reached year 2 of marriage our relationship was starting to breakdown. I had a successful career that I had spent so much effort in going after, we attended and served in a church yet I was losing my relationship with Debbie as we were living very separate lives under one roof.

In the fall of 2002, in a Bible study where we were studying a book called “Disciplines of the Holy Spirit”, I read off the fruits of the Spirit. As I went through the list I realized I did not have a single one. God used that moment to wake me up and come to the realization that I didn’t know Him and desperately needed too.

After that, God broke me and gave me a new heart. He gave me desires for Himself which were never there before. My desire for worldly success disappeared, my love for Christ exploded, Psalm 63 jumped off the page at me and my marriage instantly improved as God showed Debbie and I tremendous grace. He has led us down a very different road then I had planned since 2007 when I joined the pastoral staff of Hope Bible Church Oakville. We have seen so much in a few short years and are excited about what is to come!